Market Rules

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 Rules for Henderson Farmers Market, Inc.

1.     This Market is located at the Henderson County Fairgrounds with the physical address of 381 Sam Ball Way, Henderson, Kentucky.  This Market will be open May 1, through October 31, or as the days of the market shall fall.

2.     All vendors must be in compliance with all local, state and federal requirements to conduct business at the Henderson Farmers Market.

Vendors selling non-food items must charge sales tax unless they have signs stating “Sales Tax Included.”

3.     The hours of operation will be 8 am – 5 pm on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (or until produce is sold out).  No selling before those hours or after those hours.

4.     Items sold will be limited to at least 75% agricultural and horticultural products, such as ornamental or vegetable plants, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and value added processed products from produce members of this market, and 25% of their sales may be from other Kentucky Proud products.  Wine sales are allowed at this market.  Kentucky Crafted members are allowed to sell with membership limited to 25% of total available spaces (6 maximum).

All members of the Henderson Farmers Market, Inc. must be from Henderson, Daviess, Union, Webster or McLean Counties and grow their own produce.

The Henderson Farmers Market, Inc. reserves the right to inspect or spot-check any farm records or growing sites as necessary to insure that items being sold are grown in the listed counties.

Due to food security reasons, edible items may not be left on the market grounds overnight.

Produce and plants offered for sale must be grown, harvested and cared for post-harvest to assure customers receive fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables.

Market members may purchase and resell produce from other market members.  Market members may also sell produce for other market members. 

Farmers are prohibited from purchasing produce from wholesalers or auction houses for resale at this market.

5.     All vendors must be identified.  A sign, identifying the name of the producer growing the items sold at the market, must be in an easily visible location on each space.

 6.     Space designation

Reserved spaces will be renewed annually by the Market Manager and Farmers Market Board with spaces available to vendors active at market in previous season giving them the option of retaining their reserved space or drawing from available reserved spaces with date fees are paid as a factor in order of drawing at Annual Meeting.  Underutilized spaces may be reassigned.

All vendors are required to setup in their designated spaces.  Each vendor is required to keep their products within the boundary of their spaces.  They may expand into adjoining vacant spaces, if available, upon approval of the Market Manager.

There are 2 types of spaces available, reserved and non-reserved.  Vendors will be limited to 2 reserved spaces per individual farm if available.

Families or businesses will be considered as one vendor unless they operate separate operations on separate locations with separate tax returns.

Vendors not participating in the Annual Meeting may still arrange for reserved spaces by contacting the President prior to the Annual Meeting.

Other vendors wanting reserved spaces will contact the President, who will assist them in choosing from spaces available. 

If the market fills to capacity, vendors with more than one space may be required to forfeit their second space.  If this is done, it will be at the discretion of the Market Manager and the Farmers Market Board.  The process will be that the vendors with the least seniority will forfeit their extra space first.  If a space is forfeited under this provision, the fee for that space will be reimbursed to the vendor.

Vendors with reserved spaces may negotiate spaces by contacting the Market Manager.

7.     Structures

The Farmers Market Pavilion shall be the permanent structure with each space being 12’ x 20’ for each paid vendor.  A total of 24 such spaces shall be available.

Each space shall be numbered so venders with reserved spaces shall know which space(s) are theirs.

8.     Fee schedule

Membership fees for the season are as follows:

Reserved Space Producers    $60.00 if paid at or before the Annual Meeting.  The fee is $100 if paid after the Annual Meeting date.  The fee for first year (new) Reserved Space Producer members will be $60.00 regardless of when that member joins the market.

Non Reserved Space Producers         $10.00 Daily Fee to be collected at set-up by Market Manager or President if Market Manager isn’t present.

Associates       $20.00 to be paid at or before the Annual Meeting.

FFA or 4-H Youth Sponsored Groups            No fee for Non Reserved spaces

The producer fee guarantees a space from which to sell.  The space may be reserved or non-reserved.  The producers may request reserved spaces from the Market Manager after the fees are paid.

Expansion of the farmers market will be made available when the need arises.

9.     All vendors are responsible for the safety of the products they sell at the market.  The Henderson Farmers Market, Inc. is not liable for sickness or injury caused by a vendors products.  Both product liability and personal injury insurance are required of all persons selling at the market.

Persons selling at this market are required to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 product liability insurance on their products.  An insurance certificate, listing Henderson Farmers Market, Inc., must be provided to the Market Manager before any of these products are sold at the market.

10.  Trailers and other vehicles may not be left on the parking lot overnight.

11.  Vendor vehicles may not be parked in customer parking spaces.  Vendors shall use the opposite side of pavilion for parking unless they are connected to a trailer.

12.  Each seller will be responsible for cleaning his/her own area.  Areas shall be kept clean at all times.  After three violations of a member not keeping the area clean, a permit can be revoked and the person turned away from selling at this market.

13.  Any complaints must be in writing, signed and presented to the Market Manager.  The Board will review the complaint and take appropriate action.

14.  Any rules established to govern this market will be printed and distributed to all members.

15.  The Market Manager and the Board of Directors of the Henderson Farmers Market, Inc. will be in charge of enforcing all rules.  If rules are not followed, a permit can be revoked and the person turned away from selling at this market.  

Henderson Farmers-Market,
Mar 12, 2014, 12:31 PM
Henderson Farmers-Market,
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